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On the Same Page- Idiom of the Week

Nothing is more fundamental to an expat’s success in America than effective communication and understanding. After all, it’s the reason Apto exists, and why you and others in similar situations or with your same cultural and linguistic challenges are here with the goal of improving your language and communication skills. Do you agree? If so, that means we’re “on the same page” and are also making use of number 19 on the New York Times list of the most commonly used business idioms (take a look at them all here, and keep an eye out for more in coming weeks).

This week’s idiom is often used when assessing whether or not there is a group consensus or understanding of a situation, and is often cited as the goal of business meeting. Have you ever heard the host of a meeting say something like, “I called this meeting to ensure we are all on the same page about the…”? If you haven’t, keep your ears open – you will!

The handy, online Free Dictionary provides the following definition:

on the same page (full definition available here)

mod. have the same understanding or amount of knowledge. (As if people were reading from the same page.) We’renot on the same page. Listen carefully to what I am telling you.
See also: page, same


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