“Online convenience for busy schedules” – Apto Case Study

“I worked with many Japanese and Mexican in-pat families at Nissan face to face before the inception of Apto.  I learned SO much just by listening to them – the scenarios that they faced that were particularly challenging, the desire for something online that they could use at their convenience and the desire to start learning PRIOR to re-location. I was inspired to use technology with a human touch to meet them at their point of need, while still building community through language and cultural learning.”  – Traci Snowden, CEO of Apto

“When they move here, the language barrier would be probably one of the most challenging (things).  When I moved to Tennessee, I had a really hard time with the Southern accent. It’s just so different. Apto is a great resource that learners can access when they need it and it doesn’t require appointments or traveling to a tutor.”

– Misato Watabe Human Resources, Nissan



Limited exposure to regional dialects, phrases and local culture; long office hours making routine classroom study inconvenient and at times not possible

Previous Solution:

Budget for scheduled in-office language tutors and classes

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Why Apto:

Apto supplements training and meets learners at the point of need for Nissan

  • Online, mobile-ready solution for busy employees and families
  • Ability to access content before they experience a scenario in real-life
  • Exposure to real dialects, accents and rates of speech
  • Cultural “how-tos” for day to day success
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