Our Journey
For millennia, humans have relied on stories to pass down knowledge. They helped us survive, connect and thrive as we navigated the world and its diverse people. The only thing that has changed is the method of delivery.
Notwithstanding an abundance of technology and information at our fingertips, we had to ask ourselves why do cultural misalignments still exist?

Why is it so hard for individuals to adapt across traditional barriers of culture, language, logistics and geography -- in order to succeed and connect socially, academically and professionally?
So we took it personally to find a human solution to serve all of us, everywhere.
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Apto helps its community members adapt at school, work, and in exploring the world virtually or in a new location.

The $400B conundrum: How to know what we don't know and who to trust?


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Traci Snowden | Founder & CEO
Mark Riggleman | Director, Content & Product
Lucy Miller | Global Guides Manager
Keith Starling | Director of Technology
Rebecca Smith | Marketing Manager
Milena Rimassa | Director, Marketing & Growth
Mustafa Muwwakkill | Design & Brand

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