Apto Global
Apto Global is a social learning platform for guiding those who need to cross-culturally interact, travel or relocate, so they can feel at home no matter where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing. Apto provides an immersive experience – real locals and traveling guides show you their world through video content that’s relevant to you. Apto exists to teach others not just how to speak a language, but how to speak to express, explore, and connect deeply. To speak from the heart, not just the mind, and to share both what makes us unique and what brings us together – to “speak human.”

Our vision is to guide individuals to authentically flourish within global diversity – to feel like themselves and at home no matter where they are, who they are with or what they are doing.

We do this by providing a social platform, marketplace and community that empowers people from everywhere to adapt to other communities and environments anywhere.

Apto Global was founded in late 2015, by CEO, Traci Snowden, who provided concierge services to expat families relocating to the United States. These families needed to adapt across not only the traditional barriers of language, but also cultural differences in hyper-local communities, workplace and academic environments.

Traci Snowden started Apto because she and her clients knew exactly what they needed – a platform where users could share and learn local culture and language via authentic, immersive video…yet no one had built it.
Beyond the success she imagined for her clients, was a far more compelling question…”How can we create real human connection across cultures? Can technology help?”

“The way you teach culture and language within the target community is so effective. I wish I could learn like this online, before I get to where I’m going because you don’t know what you don’t know.”

-K. Takashi, Nissan