Apto Wins 1st Place in Nashville Business Journal Innomadness Competition

International Students

Apto thanks its internal team, investors and supporters around the world for their diligence in voting during the course of four rounds of the Nashville Business Journal 2022 Innomadness competition. The on-line competition positioned 16 Nashville start-ups in a friendly bracket-style competition geared to bring awareness of the burgeoning Nashville tech community.

International Students
Apto Global global community propels company to win of Nashville Business Journal 2022 Innomadness competition

The final round culminated in a friendly showdown between two women-led companies – Apto Global, founded by CEO Traci Snowden and Ready, Dress, Go, a clothing line founded by two Vanderbilt sorority sisters – were Nashville Innomadness finalists. After three nail biting rounds to get to the final seed, Apto Global defeated the clothing brand with a comfortable margin.

The Nashville Business Journal Innomadness win also marks the start of a new raise of capital for Apto, an in-app community with a purpose that helps travelers, international students, multinational employees and the culturally curious connect in-app and in real time.

“The work that our Innomadness competitors are doing are vital to Nashville’s economy and in many instances vital to bringing positive change to industries around the globe. We hope we can be future collaborators.”

Traci Snowden, Apto Global Founder & CEO

Snowden stressed the importance of the Nashville community working together, adding that the work Apto Global does helps multinationals moving to Nashville adapt to life in Tennessee and the rest of the United States and conversely, supports those outbound for work or study anywhere in the world.

“Every year 2.8 billion humans search for the ideal combination of tools and services to help them adapt to life anywhere. This ever-growing number Apto community members seek to connect more profoundly connect in order to succeed academically, socially and professionally.”

The Apto app helps community members overcome logistical, language and cultural barriers by providing matching algorithms, learning opportunities, and robust in-app storytelling tools where community members can share their authentic experiences through videos, groups, and direct one-on-one interactions.

Snowden added, “Apto is the only app-based culture language and travel community on the market today that offers trusted resources and services to specifically address each user’s personalized needs and evolving interests throughout each stage of their journey.

 to thrive across cultures and geographies.”

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