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Crisis Triaging 102

Crisis Triaging 102

Natural disasters, pandemics, displacement, financial crisis, the struggle for human equality…

We’ve all felt the pain, the struggle, the uncertainty. Feel it now. Remember.

Now imagine being 18, 19, 20 years old, thousands of miles from your home country and family and feeling all of these feelings.

Imagine if it were your child…maybe it is…

And now this…

Our students are crying out…for support, for stability, for understanding.  

They value authenticity…they are empowered agents of change…but they are still humans – and young ones at that.

How will we support them? What actions will we be remembered by? How will we equip them to lead, and to emerge from all of this stronger, better more fearless advocates, allies and more empathetic global and domestic citizens?

Let’s discuss, yes, but let’s go beyond that to action.

Please share the attached flyer with someone who needs to hear this message. A student, an educator, a leader or official.

The attached PDF is shareable and is embedded with a link to register to THIS THURSDAY’s webinar, July 9th, 2020 at 11amCST.

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