What is the Apto Innovation Partner Program?

What if international students felt at home on your campus before they ever arrived…or in these uncertain times, even COULD? What if ALL students regardless of differences, could flourish authentically within campus and global diversity?

Apto can help your institution to attract, recruit, and retain international students while promoting DEI campus wide. 

Are you seeking innovation in any of these areas – especially in these uncertain times?
Innovation Areas
Apto has a vision to bring the world closer through the sharing of authentic human experiences.

We all recognize the extreme challenges facing higher education and we want to work together to innovate and connect both students and faculty to potential solutions that can provide unique competitive advantage, help us carry out our strategic mandates and provide our students with the highest quality end to end experience while they progress into and through our institutions while maximizing existing programs and partnerships.

How The Innovation Partner Program Can Help You and Your Students

Students are using 5-7 apps on average to learn how to connect cross-culturally, but they still don’t know what to trust…

“Throughout the day, 46 per cent of people aged 18-24… look at their phone either ‘all the time’ or ‘very often’, even when they have not received a notification of any kind.” BUT students DO complain of “app fatigue.”


Wouldn’t it be great to give them one central, intuitive experience that doesn’t just feel like extra work?

Apto: ONE Easy to Use Platform to Remove Barriers to Communication, Connection & Drive Cross-Cultural Interactions

Early Partners

University of Memphis Use Case
Discover how the University of Memphis is using Apto

What Students Are Saying

Making friends was really hard [when I came to the US]. [In Korea] we only studied grammar and reading comprehension…I needed to practice speaking and writing…Apto onboarding [for this] was very easy.“

Jeeun Yi, Middle Tennessee State University

“[With Apto] each person [has] the ability to give their two cents… the lack of spreading information causes information to be lost in translation over time. [With Apto] you have the main Guide Portal where Howard specific stuff can go. It’s a little bit more formal, and that’s good. Then [in the social feed you] have the stuff from [others] that are in your major that can give you a helping hand…”

Chadille Jones, Howard University

“Apto is great…especially for an introvert like myself who doesn’t like attention but has a lot to share with the world…foreign travels, cultural exchange and languages I’m all in!

Kim Dunn, UNC – Chapel Hill

What Stakeholders Are Saying

“Soft skills are one of the keys to success abroad, but there’s only so much learning that can take place in a classroom…[you must] practice in real life situations and that’s where Apto Global really outrivals other methods.”

– Jeff Overby, Director, Center for International Business – Belmont University

Our office is excited to be working with Apto to provide a more customized cultural exchange for our students. We anticipate that this online community will strengthen our exchange partnerships. Incoming students will become acquainted with their new home before arrival. Memphis students will be inspired to choose their new Apto friend’s university for their own semester abroad. Ultimately, we look forward to seeing students empowered by the highly personalized & curated connections and content they have at their fingertips in the Apto community.

– Elizabeth Langston, Study Abroad Advisor – University of Memphis

How to Become an Innovation Partner

Apto has secured a limited amount of subsidiation for our initial Innovation Partners. If you think your institution may be a qualified fit, or you want to learn more to find out:

  1. Complete the form below with your contact information
  2. Schedule a Discovery Call with an Apto Team Member
  3. Commit to an Innovation Partner Phase that aligns with your goals

We’ll guide you through the rest…It’s that easy