Multinational Employees: Working outside your country of origin?

The world is shrinking with globalization affecting every corner of this planet. If you’ve recently landing a position in the United States, or, if you are from North America and have been deployed elsewhere, are a digital nomad, or aspire to be. This is your personal corner of Apto.

You are inspired by a new working or cultural environment for personal or professional growth.

Your Motivator: The working world just got a lot bigger. I'm going for it!

The universe is made up of stories, not atoms

What would happen if we all exchanged our stories? The boundaries would break and the world will see a new informed landscape.

– Muriel Rukeyser

I came to the US with my two suitcases. I landed in Atlanta then in Kansas City. It was a cold January night when I arrived and no one was waiting for me.

Apto exists so another international student, multinational employee, visitor, expat or individual living in diaspora has to go it alone. We’re a community dedicated to helping each to thrive in place, wherever it may be.

When you are traveling relocating interacting  virtually across cultures, who can help you? This is the question 2.8B humans are asking. The answer is YOU.

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What’s your travel personality type?

The Apto community is filled with a universe of diversity, perspectives, experiences and personalities. Take our travel quiz to uncover your specific travel personality!

We have a lot to learn from one another, particularly when we’re honest and vulnerable enough to care to share. So, bring it. It doesn’t have to be glossy, just real.

Our community pays-it-forward by sharing experiences.

As an Apto multinational, you have an opportunity to share your experiences to similar others everywhere. Share your insights in whichever format comes most naturally to you, or you can explore multi-platform storytelling and community building.

Are you a Multinational Employee or digital nomad? You're home!

Join our community of multinational employees, expats and digital nomad who share stories, insights and resources. Typically, each story or learning begins with a written account. Then, there’s often a visual component. However you want to share your experience, there is someone who will benefit from it.