Common Ground - Idiom of the Week

Common Ground - Idiom of the Week

Yumi and Hirotaka met at a party at a friend’s house, and became fast friends when they realized that they both loved fried chicken – in particular, Nashville Hot Chicken. Bonding over this common ground, they frequently would meet for lunch at Hattie B’s and sometimes compete to see who could eat the hottest chicken.*

It’s a new year, you’re in a new country with a new culture. What better time to seek out new friends and see if you share any common ground.  This week’s Idiom of the Week, “common ground” is used to describe something that two people, or groups of people, share in common. It’s a phrase frequently used in political discourse and debate when two opposing sides are attempting to find a compromise. A good starting point is to find some area of common ground, no matter how small it may be. As you look to meet new people and experience new friendships and opportunities, these tips can help you overcome your anxiety and realize that a little bit of common ground can go a long way!

Get out of your comfort zone: Go do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Go to a new restaurant. Go for a hike. Find a live music venue. Go take your family to the park. The opportunities are endless!! Look up your local community center and see what classes they are teaching.

Break the ice! Not sure what we mean by this? Check out this Apto article that will help explain it.

Find common ground! Once you meet someone knew, keep talking with them until you can find something that you have in common and can relate on. This will make the friendship more natural, and you’ll know what to do next time you want to hang out with them! This week’s Idiom of the Week is “to find common ground.”

Did you pick up on the contextual clues and understand what “common ground” means? If not, just check out the explanation from below.

Common Ground 


A foundation for mutual understanding: “The leaders failed to find common ground on the defensive side of this possible bargain” (McGeorge Bundy).

Want to know more about Nashville Hot Chicken? Here’s an interesting article on the origin of the Nashville craze!