Now We're Cooking (with ___)! - Idiom of the Week

Now We're Cooking (with ___)! - Idiom of the Week

“Now we’re cooking with…gas, grease, heat, fire, Crisco, peanut oil” - you name it. This phrase has many variations, but that’s what makes it so well known! Some variations are more popular than others in certain regions of the United States.

Forms of the Phrase:

As mentioned, this phrase can come in any way, shape, or form.

“Now you’re/we’re cooking!”

“Now you’re/we’re cooking with ____!”

It is important to know that all variations of this phrase mean the same thing. It means that now you’re doing what you should be doing, or that something is working the way it should. (FreeDictionary)

Story Time!

In the early 1900s (1915, to be exact), gas-cookers (stoves) began replacing wood-burners. Not long after, this phrase became increasingly popular (around 1940), being used by radio comedians. “Now we’re cooking” was adopted by gas companies as an advertising phrase from here on out!

One of the earliest recordings of this phrase in print was in the American Gas Association, Volume 23 in 1941.*