Take the Bull by the Horns - Idiom of the Week

Take the Bull by the Horns - Idiom of the Week

Misunderstand this week’s idiom and you could be taking your life into your own hands!  Of course, when someone says you should “take the bull by the horns,” they don’t really mean you should join the rodeo and start bull riding Instead, they are advising you to confront the situation head on, whatever it may be.

In our professional and personal lives, we sometimes avoid conversations or activities that seem difficult or unpleasant. The longer we avoid, or procrastinate, the bigger the problem seems to become! Luckily, many of these things are not nearly as overwhelming once we actually get started.

The handy, online Free Dictionary provides the following definition:

Take the bull by the horns

Fig. to confront a problem head-on and deal with it openly. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and get this job done.

As an expatriate in America, you’re facing a new language AND a new culture,. Even things which should be simple can seem complex or confusing. With Apto, you’ll be able to “take the bull by the horns,” and start adapting to your new life just like a pro!