The cat's pajamas - Idiom of the Week

The cat's pajamas - Idiom of the Week

Let’s just say that, given the fact that you found your way to Apto’s blog, you’re the cat’s pajamas…. Are we aging ourselves when we say that?

(This is idiom definitely fits in with an older generation.)


As defined in Linda and Roger Flavell’s book Dictionary of Idioms and Their Origins, “the cat’s pajamas” is an idiom that simply means “the best” (page 70).


Sheryl really has taken all that we’ve put on her plate during the last quarter and excelled. She’s the cat’s pajamas…. The bee’s knees.


This idiomatic expression became popular in the United States in the 1920s. During this era, the word “cat” was used to describe flappers from the jazz era. Combine this with the words “pajamas” (a new women’s fashion fad in the 20s), and you have a phrase that people use to describe something that is the best in its category or someone who is the best at what they do.