Time Flies - Idiom of the Week

Time Flies - Idiom of the Week

It’s almost been more than two years since Apto’s official incorporation! My how time flies!

“Time flies,” or “time flies when you’re having fun,” is an idiom that means time passes very quickly, particularly when one is occupied with something they find enjoyable! (FreeDictionary)

Have you ever noticed how time seems to go faster when you’re doing something you love? Or how if you are waiting for an event that you have been looking forward to, time seems to slow down?

We do, too!


The first variations of this phrase are recorded in the 1800s by William Shakespeare (“The swiftest hours, how they flew”).

There is also a Latin phrase, Tempus fugit, that is usually translated to be “time flies.” The context in which this phrase was used (Virgil’s Georgics) seems to mean more of “time’s wasting away,” as if you are losing valuable time. This goes in line with “carpe diem,” or, seize the day.

Advanced Idiom Practice

Are you feeling confident in your abilities to use this idiom? If so, try using “in the blink of an eye.” This idiom means that something seems to have happened so fast, that you could just blink your eyes, and it would have already occurred!

Example: I waited all week to see my best friend from out of town, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone again.