Am I more of a Guide or an Explorer?

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  • When heading to an unfamiliar destination with no local contacts, I most prefer to…

  • I document my travel stories on social media ____________________.

  • I visit new places, whether for work or for pleasure ____________________.

  • When it comes to relocating to another country for work, I ____________________.

  • I enjoy helping others learn my language, understand my culture, or navigate my region ____________________.

  • People ____________________ come visit me and ask me to show them around.

  • When it comes to a study abroad or cross-cultural exchange experience, I ____________________.

  • When it comes to interacting across cultures in the workplace, I would be more likely to ____________________.

  • I’m most interested in ____________________.

  • I really care about people being able to move freely around the world. In fact, I am interested in ____________________.