A Weekend in Barcelona

Although the Spanish capital had a lot to offer, I was of course looking forward to the trip that our program had planned to Barcelona for the second weekend. During my time in Barcelona, I was able to learn about a whole different region of Spain, including transportation, cultural differences, and the history of the conflict between the northeastern region and the rest of Spain.

Cultural Differences: Things I Learned in Spain


By living abroad in Madrid, Spain for a month, I was able to experience and learn first-hand a number of cultural differences when compared to life in the United States. As a Spanish minor in college, I have had the opportunity to learn about many different cultures in Spanish-speaking countries. However, getting the chance to immerse myself in the culture outside of a classroom setting was a special experience. During my time abroad, I learned about various cultural differences in Spain such as daily life/meal times, social norms, language, and much more!

Why Our Stories Matter: Featuring Via TRM

Why Our Stories Matter

In honor of International Education Week, Apto and Via TRM would like to share some reflections on how our international experiences have impacted and educated us.
These experiences evolve from a moment of learning and growing in the present into stories we’ll tell for years to come. Stories which, when reflected upon, continue to shape us over the course of our lives.

The Challenges of Bringing International Education Online

International Education Online

The things that we’ve been doing for so long don’t necessarily translate well to the online environment or going from a synchronous to an asynchronous mode. In general, the canned content, or the standard content we already had only goes so far. Specifically with internationalized learning when you’re trying to help people learn something about other cultures, we need people to be able to connect with each other, there’s only so much that that canned content can do.