Virtual Travelers: Taking in new culture and experiences online.

Travel restrictions have been brutal over the past couple of years. Apto realizes that our inner wanderlust or cultural curiosity can be quelled by interacting with fellow humans from from other geographies through online meet-ups, by reading, viewing or listening to stories surrounding topics or geographies of interest.

You’re in a virtual exploring phase. You may be getting ready to travel or simply want to explore the planet from the comfort of your own home. We have plenty of stories to share!

Your Motivator: I'm culturally curious but not traveling just now.

The universe is made up of stories, not atoms

What would happen if we all exchanged our stories? The boundaries would break and the world will see a new informed landscape.

– Muriel Rukeyser

Our community pays-it-forward by sharing experiences.

When you experience Apto as a Virtual Explorer, you can enjoy stories from remote parts of the world or from your own backyard.  You, too, can share past experiences through in-app storytelling. Or, you can elect to engage with our community by comment and sharing their stories or participating in webinars and meet-ups.

When you are traveling relocating interacting  virtually across cultures, who can help you? This is the question 2.8B humans are asking. The answer is YOU.

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What’s your travel personality type?

The Apto community is filled with a universe of diversity, perspectives, experiences and personalities. Take our travel quiz to uncover your specific travel personality!

We have a lot to learn from one another, particularly when we’re honest and vulnerable enough to care to share. So, bring it. It doesn’t have to be glossy, just real.

Our community pays-it-forward by sharing experiences.

Many of our Virtual Explorers are also storytellers. If that’s you, know that you have an opportunity to showcase your work in whichever format comes most naturally to you, or you can explore multi-platform storytelling. If you enjoy interacting with a like-minded community, you are welcome to attend webinars, meet-ups and enjoy Apto’s original content.

Do you enjoy learning from others' cultural experiences?

Engage within our world of platform-agnostic storytellers. Typically, our storytelling starts with a written account. Then, there’s a visual component, either a video or photo essay. We listen, too, so feel free to share your personal content or comment on content originating from our community.