Why Are So Many Addicted To The Expat Lifestyle?

Why Are So Many Addicted To The Expat Lifestyle?

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Or become accustomed, or even addicted, to the expat lifestyle? We don’t_blame you, and there are countless_reasons why many find living abroad so attractive.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Or become accustomed, or even addicted, to the expat lifestyle? We don’t blame you, and there are countless reasons why many find living abroad so attractive. Depending upon whether or not your expat stints are personally funded or part of corporate assignments, the benefits of life abroad can be amazing.

For the corporate expat traveler, there is typically a lucrative salary as well as an elevated status often with a stepping stone to the next level up in your career. For the personal AND professional expat, there is the lure of adventure. Adapting to a new culture, seeing new parts of the world, and the challenge that comes with it is enticing! Then there is the excitement of waking up each day not quite sure what you’ll see or who you’ll meet, and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Sure, some expats do a “once in a lifetime” move or relocation and leave it at that, but some adapt a nomadic expatriate lifestyle. This Telegraph article looks closer at serial expats and argues that the primary reason for the corporate individual is often the benefit packages offered and career opportunities are often too good to pass up. This is especially for those who navigate the difficulties of foreign life with ease and adapt quickly to new cultures and languages.

But what if you are not a corporate expat? What if you are what Sebastian Riche calls a “self-initiated expat”? These individuals are not lured by compensation and career. These are those who consider themselves wanderers, even explorers, who are pulled to see the world and experience different cultures.

How does the allure of expatriate life become an “addiction?” For some, staying in one place too long awakens a kind of restlessness. They then find themselves looking for the next new adventure. Like modern day explorers, they are interested in a new, unknown discovery. While it seems glamorous, being addicted to the expat lifestyle can have its drawbacks as each move comes at the expense of stability and travel costs. But hey, as with everything in life, there are clear costs and benefits to each side. The decision to adopt the lifestyle is one that is different for all. Choose the one that suits your personality best. Be careful when you take that first assignment or get your first passport. You never know when the expat living bug might bite you!

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